Our Services

Our Philosophy Is Based On The Belief That –

  • Everyone needs a retirement plan
  • The plan determines the appropriate products
  • Retirees should take only the amount of risk necessary to accomplish financial goals

Our Approach To Financial Planning Utilize A 4-Step Educational Process To –

  • Identify your needs, objectives and concerns
  • Help you understand all of your options
  • Implement a tailored plan to solve your problems and reach your goals
  • Schedule periodic reviews of your plan

Our Comprehensive Financial Planning Services Include –

  • Objective portfolio review and asset allocation analysis
  • Optimized cash flow planning
  • Roth conversion calculation
  • Multi-generational IRA
  • In-force (existing) life insurance audit
  • Pension maximization and income replacement analysis

We utilize the Portformulas® Investment Strategy For Our Advisory Clients

  • A formulaic trending money management system
  • Utilizes individual stock investments
  • Based on a specific criteria comprised of economic and market indicators

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